Do I need a Doctor's referral?

A Doctor's referral is not necessary, you have direct access to Physical Therapy services in Alberta.

What should I wear/bring to my first appointment?

We recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, and depending on the area that is to be assessed shorts/tank top may be appropriate. Please bring in your Alberta Health Care card, as well as a piece of photo ID. We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment to fill out paperwork.

Will my benefits cover Physical Therapy?

Most benefit plans do cover Physical Therapy, however, each plan is different. For more information, please contact your benefit provider to determine the amount of your coverage. This is usually stated as a dollar amount or a percentage per visit.

Can you direct bill my insurance provider?

Yes, there are many insurance providers that we can bill directly. We direct bill the following: Alberta Blue Cross/ASEBP, Green Shield Canada, Sunlife, Great West Life, Manulife, Standard Life, Industrial Alliance, Chamber of Commerce, Johnson Group, Maximum benefit, Equitable Life, The Co-Operators.

Do you have Veteran's Affairs coverage?

Yes, we do. Please let our receptionist know when you are booking. You will need to provide your K number so that we can get approval for treatment through Veteran's Affairs.

What are your payment options?

Parkland Rehabilitation accepts Debit, Visa, Mastercard, cash and for a no contact option we also have E-transfer.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 4 hours notice to cancel an appointment. If you no show, or cancel an appointment with less than 4 hours notice, you will be charged $35. Upon registration on your first appointment, you will be required to leave a credit card number on file that will be charged for all missed appointments or any outstanding balance on your account. You will be notified prior to any charges made to your credit card. We will not charge any cancellation fees if you are experiencing any COVID symptoms as our primary focus is safety of our staff and patients.

Do you have WCB coverage?

Yes, we do. Please refer to our coverage section.

Do you treat injuries caused by Motor Vehicle Accident?

Yes, we do. Refer to our coverage section for more information on how to start a claim.

Do you have RCMP coverage?

Yes. we do. You will need to provide your R number so that we may bill through RCMP.

Do you have Alberta Health Care coverage and what does it cover?

Yes, our clinic does have a funding cap for general and orthopedic conditions through Alberta Health Services. Our orthopedic cap covers conditions like fractures and surgeries, and if a person qualifies, the individual may receive up to 7 visits (this includes the assessment). We are not capped on how many orthopedic assessments that we are allowed to take. Our general Alberta Health Care coverage does have a cap. This means that although every Albertan has the right to an Alberta Health Care assessment, we only have so much money per month, and therefore, a person may have to wait for an assessment. If an individual qualifies, they will receive up to 2 more treatments after the initial assessment. Many may choose to opt out of Alberta Health Care coverage to get in for an assessment sooner, using their personal benefits or paying privately.

Should I wear a mask?

Yes, we do require that patients wear masks during their phyiotherapy appointment. Please note that plastic visors are not sufficient on their own, but may be worn with a mask as added protection. A mask must cover the both the nose and the mouth and be worn for the duration of the appointment. Thank you.