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Alberta Health Services

As of March 1, 2022, the Alberta Health Care Service delivery model will change.  Parkland Rehabilitation will continue to provide quality service to adults and children with specific physical concerns to help improve their function, better understand their condition and learn what they can do to be healthy and independent. 

Access to services as of March 1, 2022, are determined as follows:


Recent fractures, orthopedic surgeries 

Call our clinic directly to book an appointment if the fracture or surgery has happened within the last 12 weeks. No referral needed.

Patients who have been instructed by a physician or surgeon to begin physiotherapy after 12 weeks are encouraged to speak with the clinic about eligibility.  

***Physiotherapy for hip and knee replacements may be offered in a group.  These group classes are not offered at Parkland Rehabilitation.  Please refer to to find a clinic offering these services.

General joint or muscle conditions or injuries

Call the Rehabilitation Advice Line for general advice (Monday to Friday 9a.m.-5p.m.).  Low income Albertans may be eligible for in-person or virtual services. Rehabilitation Advice Line  1-833-379-0563

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Worker's Compensation Board

Unfortunately, work place accidents can happen!  So, when they do, it is important that you take the following steps so that you can open a WCB claim.


  1. Inform you employer of your injury and ensure that a claim is filed with WCB.

  2. See your Physician to clear any medical problems that need immediate attention, and so that they may also submit the appropriate paper work to WCB.

  3. See your Physical Therapist.  A patient may come in for an assessment without a referral; however, the patient must have a Doctor's referral within five days of assessment for claims processing.

If the patient's claim is not accepted, the individual will  be personally responsible for covering the cost of treatment rendered, with the exception of the cost of the Assessment.  


For further information please visit

Auto accident involving two cars on a ci

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Individuals involved in a motor vehicle accident have direct access to Physical Therapy services without a Doctor's referral.  

  1. Inform your insurance provider that you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident.

  2. Complete an AB-1form to submit to your insurance company.  The AB-1 form must be completed and sent to your auto insurance adjustor within 10 business days from the accident for proper claims processing. 

  3. Your Physiotherapist will be required to fill out an AB-2 form after they have assessed your injuries.  This assessment report outlines the severity of your injuries and a treatment plan for your care.  

The majority of those injured will qualify for 10-21 treatments, within the first 90 days following the accident. This may be billed directly to your auto insurance company.

However, there are certain instances in which an individual may not qualify for protocol treatments (fractures, injury to neurological structures, etc.).  For these individuals, the cost of treatment will go through extended benefits.  If you have no benefits/your benefits only cover a portion of treatment/or your benefits have already been exhausted, then the remainder of treatment cost can be submitted to the auto insurance provider.

For more information please visit


Private/Insurance Payors

If you have extended health care coverage, you should be aware of the limit for your Physical Therapy treatment coverage.  This is usually stated as a dollar amount or a percentage per visit.

We do provide direct billing to a number of insurance providers:


  • Alberta Blue Cross/ASEBP

  • Green Shield Canada

  • Sunlife 

  • Great West Life

  • Manulife

  • Standard Life 

  • Industrial Alliance

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Johnson Group

  • Maximum benefit

  • Equitable Life

  • The Co-Operators

At Parkland Rehabilitation, we understand how physically demanding the work of a Veteran, National Defence employee or RCMP member can be. If you are covered under the Blue Cross Medavie insurance plan under Veterans Affairs Canada or as an RCMP or National Defense employee we can directly invoice physiotherapy services to Blue Cross on your behalf and handle the payments for your plan of care. Please know that the amount of coverage you receive depends on your benefit plan and, in some cases, your injury. At Parkland Rehabilitation, we are happy to help you determine the amount of coverage you’ll receive for treatments. This will enable you to focus on your rehabilitation and feeling your best. 

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