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Concussion Care

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Why baseline testing?

Baseline testing provides a point of reference in the event that a concussion is sustained.  Our baseline testing procedures gather both neurocognitive and physical data that allows for the determination of concussion severity and points of reference through the recovery process.


The baseline test includes:

  • Neurocognitive testing (ImPACT)- most widely used and most scientifically validated computerized concussion test available

  • Balance and postural stability assessment

  • Visual Motor screening

Post concussion care

Even without a baseline test, we will thoroughly assess your injury and employ current, evidence based techniques to help manage your concussion symptoms.  This often includes manual therapy or treatment for other musculoskeletal injuries from our skilled practitioners.

Baseline testing for teams:  

  • Scheduled for either a Saturday or a Sunday.

  • Group educational session will likely be offered on a separate day and are intended for coaches/parents/team therapists/and players if they wish to attend.  This is an informal session where you are free to ask questions. Our Physiotherapists will provide information on how to recognize concussion symptoms, what steps to take in the event that a concussion does occur, and current controversies and recommendations for treatment for concussion management based on recommendations from the Shift concussion management group.


Concussion Management

In the event that a suspected concussion does occur...

  1. The player must be removed from play for testing by a physician or licensed health care professional

  2. Contact your Physician to make an appointment

  3. Consult a trained Physiotherapist to book an assessment.  You do not have to see your Physician prior to attending physiotherapy.  

  4. Limit the activities that demand the most energy, attention, concentration and visual effort, such as: TV, mobile devices, computers, video games, especially in the first 48-72 hours. Basically, eliminate screen time in the acute stage to conserve energy needed for the healing brain.

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Cost of Assessment post concussion is $105

plus an additional $20 for the Impact exam

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