In-Person Care

The most recent guidelines (May1st, 2020) from the Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association for the delivery of in-person physiotherapy treatment are as follows:

When determining priority for in-person care, physiotherapists are encouraged to reflect upon the following considerations, in addition to the Alberta's Chief Medical Officer's Orders:

  • Acuity of the patient’s condition, including considerations such as recent surgery, removal of cast or immobilizer or recent motor vehicle accident.

  • Likelihood that in the absence of physiotherapy services the patient will require services in an urgent care or emergency department setting.

  • Functional impairment/impact of the condition on health-related quality of life, including inability to work, regardless of whether the injury is WCB compensable or not.

  • Appropriateness of service provision via telerehabilitation.

  • Necessity of services which can only be provided in person.

  • Duration of patient wait times for care.

In-person services must only proceed when the anticipated benefits of such services outweigh the risks to the patient and the physiotherapist.

In the presence of suspected or confirmed COVID-19, Physiotherapists must not deliver in-person services in private clinics.  

COVID-19 is a droplet- and contact-transmitted disease. That means that it is spread by direct contact with respiratory secretions, either by having a person cough on you, or by coming into contact with surfaces where respiratory droplets have precipitated. Patients with signs and symptoms or positive risk factors should have their in-person services deferred until their condition improves or the period of self-isolation recommended by public health officials has been completed. Similarly, if a person is recovering from confirmed COVID-19, their in-person services should be deferred in accordance with the recommendations of infection prevention and control experts.


The health and safety of our patients/staff and community are our number one priority, so we will be implementing the following measures for in-person urgent care treatments:

  • Each patient will be prescreened (on phone) for respiratory/flu like symptoms, travel history/recent contact with someone who has recently travelled/ or contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID 19.  

  • Patients who will be receiving in-person care will be sent further information via email about new clinic procedures and policies.

  • Each patient will be prescreened again prior to entering our clinic, before commencing their treatment.

  • Each patient will be required to hand sanitize prior to entering the treatment area.

  • After patient screening patient will be taken directly to a treatment room.

  • Patients are to obey social distancing measures within the clinic at all times.

  • Therapists will be using rigorous hand/treatment area sanitizing measures. 

  • Therapists may alter manual therapy techniques (hands on treatment) to avoid close face to face proximity.

  • Treatment times will be 30 minutes, with only one patient being treated at a time

Please take these recommendations to heart and help us keep a safe work environment for those in need of urgent care. 




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